Енергия от Земята и Слънцето - Научи и сътвори курс. Материали

Hello to all who took part in the course this summer. Here you will find the information and links related to what we learnt for your records, photos and information from the course and practicals, and a place where you can leave feedback. Hope you find it useful.
                                                     Everyone who was there                                                                
Practical 3 :Clay Oven Click to view 
Photos of the course
Links and Further Reading
A blog devoted entirely to hemp and lime
An excellent site containing everything you could want to know including models, instructions and great interactive research 
 By far the most coherent source of information i could find on the web, here you will find a very concise account of Simons experience of  how to build a clay oven.
This is great blog with some great footage illustrating the process of rammed earth wonderfully
an excellent wholistic approach to  housing  
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