Посетителски ден

  Не всички от Вас, които изразиха желание In light of the fact that we have been receiving a lot of interest to visit the site and not enough time to accommodate these requests we have decided to host an open day for all those  interested to visit here and spend time together. 
   So on the 22nd September  we welcome you to Permaship for a look around our site to present an  introduction to Permaculture seminar and to enjoy a  freshly picked and prepared  organic lunch straight from the gardens. Bring your friends and family.      

Посетителски ден в Дългошип

 22ри септември 2011 

10.00 - 16.30p.m

  • Въведение в дълготрайната култура (пермакултурата)
  • Обиколка из Центъра за дълготрайна култура. 
  • Разглеждане на нашата наскоро създадена  Горска градина
  • Пресен обяд от нашата градина*
  • Въпроси и отговори 
  • Посещение на Waste No More - ферма за Калифорнийски червеи 

Каним ви осъзнато учение, добра храна и компания. 

*Ако искате да обядвате при нас, моля запишете се на 
 - 10 лева, инак посещението е безплатно и ако желаете може да си носите храна от вкъщи.  

Accommodation - 

If you would like to spend the night than we have a camping ground available with a nearby spring providing fresh water  and access to  toilets and wifi internet. There is also reasonably priced accommodation available in the village (see the next column for details)   

any questions contact us



Previous Course Photos

We welcome you to Permaship to have a look around our place and to share our experiences with this way of life .  We will be presenting a 1 hr 30 mins lecture  to introduce Permaculture Design to our guests and following this a guided tour of the home gardens as well as the newly established forest garden.  We will then enjoy a freshly picked,  freshly prepared delicious lunch straight from the gardens.  The lunch is optional and you are welcome to bring your own food.  If you would like to be included in lunch the fee is 10LV.   After lunch we will have a question and answer session and following this you are welcome to have a look through our selection of books , plants , handicrafts and produce we have available.   For those who are interested Dimo Stefanov from Waste no More Farm will also be opening his place  for visits after we have finished here at 4.30p.m.  Dimo is farming worms commercially producing an organic fertilizer for farmers and horticulturists as well as growing a range of  trees ideally suited to permaculture gardens and projects.            
  Our project is a good example of small scale intensive permaculture easily  attainable to anyone who has a desire to live this way.   We are located  in a village setting which in many ways, itself, echoes permaculture and ecological design.   We have in place a variety of simple systems like grey water management, food production, composting using chicken tractors and  worm husbandry, humanure composting , small scale aquaculture, small scale meat production and forest gardening which are all working demonstrations.   During the guided tour of our systems, we can share with you the successes and failures and try to answer any questions that you may have regarding any aspects of our designs. 

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10.00-11.30: Introduction to each other and Permaculture

11.30-12.00: Tea break

12.00-1.30: Guided tour of site and forest garden 

1.30-2.30: Lunch

2.30-4.00: Question and answer 

4.00-4.30: Crafts ,Produce, Books and Plants sale 

4.30                Over to Dimo's for a look at his worm farm 

Getting here

 Take a look at this link with the instructions for getting to permaship.   If you are driving and think you may have room and don't mind sharing than maybe we can fill the spaces so please let us know.

Staying the night 

   We have a campsite available for use with compost toilets and there is a spring with fresh mineral water a short walk away from the campsite. If you do not want to camp than find below a list of accommodation options available in the village.  

 Hotel IT, Hotel Saga - 0888-872506, Hotel PerenikaGuest house SevtGuest House Teres, and others. Hotel Saga costs aprox 12lv/bed, hotel IT costs 25lv/bed, Sevt guesthouse is 10lv/bed in the summer and Teres guesthouse makes sense for groups of 10-12 people as then the price will be approx 9lv/bed.

If you are planning to attend the open day and be around the area a little longer to   enjoy some of what the area has to offer click here for more info on what is going on around us . 

Bringing  children 

    Families are very welcome and there will be other children present   Parents/carers are expected to care for their children at all times but we will provide a play area for the children with some books and toys.