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French BalkanTren Group at Permaship Baba Rosa

posted 2 Aug 2009, 09:46 by Tatyana Kossekova   [ updated 2 Aug 2009, 10:09 ]
The morning started early with Baba Rosa bringing goat cheese and Baba Monka tomatoes for the Kaprese Salad Shipka style. Permaship tomatoes were not ripe yet, but Monka's were delicious. 
The zukini for the zukiini humus came from our garden though. Second meal rice and red lentil was exotic to the non-used to India' food. But the crem-caramel dessert with fresh eggs compensated was delicious and went well with the rasperries brought by the BalkanTren support team.
Grapa di Shipka shot for all before to get going to the peak.