Our wwofing opportunities are quite simple - volunteers share our activities, which are as follows:
- when cold outside - outdoor work is limited to getting firewood inside the house and cleaning the snow.
indoors we are busy with starting the seedlings, working on permaculture design of the site, planting schedule, guilds design, preparation for the water workshop - (water design and flow of the permablitz and preparation of teacher's notes for the permaculture garden design course. setting up the library/coffees shop/chill-out space. reading, studying. writing articles. redesign inside to maximize efficiency
when the weather improves: also the following and others:
- preparing the seedlings, plantings mixture, preparing stakes for the
vines in the garden. sheet mulching, building outdoor compost hasienda,
- planting - trees, shrubs,. vines, plants etc.
- ditches waste-water system
- making signs - compost, plants, center sign
- organization of the space in the outbuildings
-pruning trees and vines
- build chickens winter house
- general maintenance work